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    The management of people is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in many organizations yet also, perhaps the most critical for Corporate success. Leading companies understand that human capital is a crucial source of competitiveness which can be very defining

    “ I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Larry Bossidy, Chairman & CEO, Honeywell International Inc.

    Finding the right mix of talents, getting them to buy into an organization-wide vision which aligns with their personal goals, keeping the team sufficiently motivated/engaged to deliver outstanding work is a huge and deliberate effort requiring support from the highest decision making body – the board and/or ownership.

    The human capital practice at TENOYLA GROUP understands this and has continued to provide a variety of HR intervention services to clients. We also provide HR outsourcing services to small and large scale organizations.

    Organizational Design and Company Set-upHuman Capital

    This is the process of laying the foundation for the effective administration and provisioning of human resource services. We help with broad based reviews of exiting firm HR structures and frameworks with a view to align governing policies which regulates the company’s most important assets – the people – with corporate goals.

    We help clients set up a proper HR best practice function that will help stabilize their company and improve organizational performance. This includes:

    • Developing the company Organogram and workflow design
    • HR Policy Development / Redesign
    • HR Process Manual Development / Redesign
    • Organizational Structuring and Workflow Design
    • Job and Role Description / Redesign
    • Re-orientation and Value Enculturation.

    We work with business vision, mission and business strategy to come up with a viable HRM system.

    Capacity AssessmentDistilling performance gaps and driving Corporate Competitiveness

    Corporations may be underperforming as compared with their peers or as measured against expected outputs and results. Now several factors may be responsible for this. One of such very important and sometimes overlooked factors is the competency gaps or role misfits within the human capital structure.

    Performance cannot outpace capacity. Therefore, performance gaps can be a direct result of capacity gaps.
    To deliver on this, we go through a 4-stage intervention process.
    • Skills Audit – comprehensive audit of existing skills per functional role within the organization.
    • Benchmarking – Articulate the level and depth of skills required to optimally function in each of the job roles within the organization. This is done within the scope of the client’s mandate. We then benchmark expected skills to existing skills
    • Gap Analysis – We then conduct a gap analysis to distill clearly where the skills gap exists for each role within the mandate of the engagement.
    • Recommendations – The final output of the exercise is a comprehensive report that culminates in clear recommendations on what needs to be done to close the skills gaps. Recommendations may range from reshuffling staff (ensuring round pegs are in round holes) to learning interventions needed to shore up internal capacity

    Performance Management; Compensation and BenefitsHuman Capital

    We have a radical approach to performance management especially our recommended approach to appraisal process – not just to ensure objectivity but also to adopt an agile process that ensures that failure is short – circuited and performance spikes are well captured.
    After all said and done, it is important to design compensation and benefits structure that ensures the organization is able to compete for and retain a significant portion of great talents. We find that it is important to review this as frequently as possible and conduct regular anonymous surveys that helps management and board gain insight into broad-based job satisfaction levels for which compensation and benefits plays a major role. We find that creative non-financial benefits is becoming increasingly more important for many employees. This we do through:
    • KPI Development – Articulation of clear and measurable performance indicators.
    • Performance Management Design or Rework
    • Career Path Development and Re-Design
    • Compensation and Benefits Structuring

    Manpower Learning and Development

    We organize open and in-plant training. Our in-plant training session focus on what will help the business of our clients to grow. We also provide outsourced training services where we assist you design and manage your training calendar from identifying your training needs to sourcing for and scheduling training programs to arranging attendance.
    For custom interventions, the client can advise on areas where learning interventions are required otherwise, we conduct a learning needs assessment within the scope of the client’s mandate to understand where the skills gaps exist.
    • Conduct learning needs assessment
    • Prepare comprehensive report on each team and each player
    • Recommend learning interventions required to close the skills gaps
    • Facilitate learning and/or recommend reputable learning institutions where applicable.
    • Prepare report on learning outcomes and make final recommendations.